BMH Harvesting and Massieon Farms Harvesting come together to offer superior service for any haylage, silage or earlage needs.  Massieon Farms Harvesting has been in the business for over 40 years and has the experience and character to provide supreme satisfaction.  Focusing on operating well maintained equipment that is reliable to complete work in a timely manner.  As well as maintaining a professional crew that focuses on good driving habits and respecting the producer's roads and fields.  BMH Harvesting has 15 years of experience with backgrounding and finishing cattle.  Therefore, we can focus on the importance of feed efficiency.  Both from a quality and cost standpoint.  Working with multiple feed stuffs from an end user position puts a different perspective on the entire process.


     Conveniently located in northeast Kansas.  We are focused on servicing any and all producers within a 120 mile radius of Wamego, KS.  With our main focus to add value to your operation!